Courses for Adults and Professionals

Cours d'Anglais juridique, Paris. Cours d'anglais des affaires, Paris: A Note from our Founder.

I am an English trainer in Paris. After several years teaching English in Paris, I have come to realize a few things about students who take one of my cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires. . CONTINUE READING.

La Conciergerie d'Anglais de ELG CONSULTING pour les Avocats et les Professionnels - San Contrat.

La conciergerie d’anglais de ELG CONSULTING est un concept nouveau pour notre organisme notamment depuis 2017, crée pour aider nos clients soient à l’aise avec leurs communications professionnel en anglais.  CONTINUE READING.

TOEIC Formation, Paris -for Professionals and Students

This course is offered in groups of 4. (Individual classes are possible please contact us for details.) The TOEIC exam (the Test of English for International Communication) is a test administered internationally that gauges the English proficiency of adults. There are two parts to the test: Reading and Listening. More Information.


Join us for your legal English training in Paris.  MORE DETAILS 

Rédaction de contrats en anglais formation


Business English, Paris

Join us for your business English training in Paris MORE DETAILS

Présentations en anglais, Paris

Join us for a coaching session for making great presentations in English MORE DETAILS

General English & Conversation Course for Adults, Paris

Join us for your general English for Adults in ParisMORE DETAILS

English Lessons for kids & ados

English for Children & Adolescents in Paris

ELG Consulting offers English programs for children aged 5 – 16. Individual lessons as well as small groups. We focus on making English fun for children while at the same time improving their ability to converse in English over time.  More Information.

Basic English Lessons-Vocabulary Building FOR KIDS IN PARIS ages 5 to 8

In this course, we seek to introduce young French children to English by focusing on building their basic vocabulary. We will use various strategies including books, audio and videos and focus on creating a visual/artistic representation of new words. more information.

Basic English Lessons FOR KIDS IN PARIS ages 8 -10

Students who are more advanced in this group and who have a strong basic beginner’s vocabulary will be steered towards reading comprehension types of exercises that continues to build their vocabulary in step with augmenting their comprehension of written English. We also spend a portion of each class on basic English conversation. more information.

English lessons FOR KIDS IN PARIS ages 10-12

In this course, we seek to introduce young french students who have a good level of English vocabulary to English books such as Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes…READ MORE.

English lessons FOR KIDS IN PARIS ages 12 - 15

Tweens are a very active and energetic bunch so it can be a challenging thing when it comes to English lessons. How can one motivate them? READ MORE.

English lessons FOR KIDS IN PARIS ages 15-17

For teenagers, we recommend courses that are heavily conversation based. Teens are unlikely to want to endure doing homework type exercises during their out-of-school English lesson sessions.READ MORE.