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10 Ways to Learn English Fast: Easy Tips and Strategies to Improve Quickly

  1. Probably the best way to learn English fast is to watch a lot of American and British films or any film that is in English. You have to watch them on a daily basis so get Netflix and start binge-watching today.
  2. In addition to films another way to learn English fast is to watch TV shows. American TV shows are available in many countries through streaming or cable or other technologies so get yourself a platform that allows you to watch American TV series on a regular basis.
  3. One of the easiest ways to learn English fast is to listen to music in English. That’s right. Get acquainted with all the American and British pop stars and their music and listen to the music and learn lyrics. This will help your English a lot.
  4. If you are lucky to be living among English speaking people even if it is for a short period of time such as one month, then you can also improve your English dramatically by listening more than you speak. Just listen. Listen for patterns. Listen for the accent. Really get a feel for the music of the language, the rhythm, tone and the pitch.
  5. Maximize your use of YouTube. YouTube videos in English of course are probably an even easier way to learn English than movies. This resource cannot be ignored.
  6. Get an English dictionary and just teach yourself words. Also research and memorize English idioms and common expressions on the Internet.
  7. Another tip if you want to learn English fast is read a lot of English books, websites, blogs, magazines and newspapers.
  8. The next way to learn English fast is by memorizing the verb tenses and when they are used and what for. Tenses are the foundation of the language and without this your English will never be good.
  9. Memorize the irregular verbs and how they are formed in the past tense and perfect tenses
  10. Finally, if you want to learn English fast, listen to podcasts and radio broadcasts in English

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