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ARE YOU A UNIVERSITY STUDENT? CLICK THE LINK BELOW FOR ENGLISH RESOURCES IN YOUR DOMAINE Communications Students Law Students Engineering Students ARE YOU A COLLEGE OR UNIVERSITY ADMINISTRATOR RESPONSIBLE FOR THE CURRICULUM IN THE ENGLISH LANGUAGE DEPARTMENT? At ELG Consulting, we work with institutions of higher learning to plan English courses and curriculum for university […]

Books for lawyers

ELG BOOKSTORE CARRIES AMAZON PUBLICATIONS FOR LAWYERS PLEASE PATRONIZE OUR BOOKSHOP TO HELP SUPPORT THIS WEBSITE http://englishlanguageglobal.com/english-books/ Other publications for legal professionals 1. Professional English in Use by Gillian B Brown 2. Legal Language by Peter M Tiersma 3. The Redbook by Brian A Garner 4. Introduction to International Legal English by Jeremy Day 5. […]

How is Legal English different from Standard English?

Legal English has become a “global phenomenon.” Legal English has traditionally been the preserve of lawyers from English-speaking countries such as U.S., the UK, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa) which have shared common law traditions. However, due to the spread of English as the predominant language of international business, as well as its role […]

Sample Courses

Cours d’Anglais pour les Avocats Our courses for lawyers and professionals are designed for busy, telecommuter professionals on the go; and so we will travel to your office in Paris at no extra charge for your English meetings, at a convenient time for you. (Travel costs for meetings outside of Paris will be billed to […]

Cours d’Anglais Juridique à Paris. Cours anglais des Affaires, Paris

Cours d’Anglais Juridique et des Affaires, Paris A Note from an American English Trainer in Paris I am an English teacher in Paris. After several years teaching English in Paris, I have come to realize a few things about students who take one of my cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires. One key thing I have […]

English Movies for English Learners

The following is a list of movies that are great for English learners. They are not only filled with great dialogue but also great Entertainment as well. A few may have even won the Academy Award. A good handful are about the legal profession. 9. The Good Girl (2002) Starring Jennifer Anniston This is a […]

Books For Legal Professionals

Books Professional English in Use  by Gillian B Brown Legal Language by Peter M Tiersma The Redbook by Brian A Garner Introduction to International Legal English by Jeremy Day Legal English by William Robert McKay Legal English by Rupert Haigh http://www.amazon.co.uk/Legal-English-Rupert-Haigh/dp/185941950X Legal English and Translation Theory and Practice by Jose Luis Sanchez Farero http://books.google.fr/books?id=hoeailQFYT8C&printsec=frontcover&hl=fr&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false Legal […]


A Memo or a report? That is the question…(audio also available for this post) LAWYERS, BUSINESS PEOPLE and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SOMETIMES HAVE TO WRITE MEMOS AND REPORTS. As an English language learner you may be wondering whether there is a difference between memos and reports and if so what is that difference? There are several. […]


ELG CONSULTING Fondée: 2013 Fondatrice: Marion TD Lewis Statut: Auto entrepreneur Numéro SIRET: 78917469500039 Numéro de déclaration d’activité: 11 75 52507 75 ELG Consulting is an AMERICAN English language training enterprise in Paris, France founded in 2013 by Marion TD Lewis, an American attorney who is admitted to the New York and Georgia Bars in the United States. […]


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