American Accent: English Conversation With Native Speakers Can Help Improve Your Accent

American Accent: Do you prefer to speak English like an American?

Having an American Accent when you speak English is not necessary but some people want to sound like an American when they speak in English. There is nothing wrong with that.

However, you should not feel insecure about having an accent when you speak in English. All English speakers whether they are from America or not have their own unique accents and this is very good thing.

Still, there are some learners who prefer to learn English with a native speaker from America. They prefer to have an American accent when they speak. This gives them confidence – especially when they have to give a presentation in English to an American audience.  Makes sense, and this is fine. It is a personal preference and there is nothing wrong with wanting to have an American accent. Or for that matter any other accent that you prefer. Even though I am American (and I like my own accent) I personally enjoy a few different accents such as British, South African and Indian, to name a few.

At ELG, your instructor will most likely have an American accent so if that is your preference, you have come to the right place. And why? Because we are an American enterprise. It doesn’t mean we don’t fully respect and appreciate all the other accents there are for speaking English.

Again, it really is a personal preference. If that is your preference, then by all means do contact us to discuss your goals.

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