Basic IT vocabulary




  1. 1.      At

This is the symbol @ which is used in email addresses. Example:


  1. 2.      Attachment

An attachment is a file which is electronically annexed to an email. It can take various forms such as word, pdf, JPEG and so forth.


  1. 3.      Back button


  1. 4.      Blog

A website maintained by a “blogger” that has content generated by the blogger and user comments and sometimes advertising such as Google adsense ads.


  1. 5.      Bold

This is a feature that allows the writer to highlight text by making it darker. In English this is usually designated as “B” whereas in French is is “G”


  1. 6.      Browser

The browser is the lens through which you view the internet. There are many different browsers such as Internet Explorer, Firefox, Google Chrome, Safari and Mozilla


  1. 7.      Click

When you click it means you point your mouse on a hyperlink and press on it to access the information behind the link.


  1. 8.      Compose

When you compose an email it means you write an email.


  1. 9.      Cookie

In Internet parlance, a “cookie” is a piece of information about a person’s Internet using history that a computer stores based on that individual’s activity on a particular computer, including your searches, passwords, registration information, logins, email user names, among other things. This personal history is then potentially used by advertisers and websites like Google and Facebook as well as hackers.


  1. 10.   Crash

When the word crash is used in the context of the web or internet it usually means that either a hard drive has malfunctioned or an entire network or intranet reseau has been compromised. Typically if there has been a crash users of that computer or network cannot access the Internet until the situation is fixed by technicians. Sometimes crashes are caused by virus or hackers.


  1. 11.   Cyberspace

Cyberspace is another word used for the Internet, computer networks or World Wide Web.


  1. 12.   Dot

The dot is designated as ( . )

It is used in website addresses and email addresses. So the website would be read as www dot elgconsulting dot fr.

Likewise, the email would be read as contact@elgconsulting dot fr


  1. Dot-com
  2. download
  3. Email
  4. Folder
  5. homepage
  6. Icon
  7. In box
  8. Internet
  9. Intranet
  10. IP address
  11. Italics
  12. JPEG
  13. Login
  14. mailing list
  15. netiquette
  16. 28.   password


  1. 29.   PDF

PDF is the acronym for PORTABLE DOCUMENT FORMAT. It refers to the “format” a file will take. Files can take on a dizzying array of formats including Word File, PDF, JPEG, Gif, zip. Check this link for all the various existing file formats.


  1. 30.   Reply all

This term is used with emails to send an email to all recipients in specified group.

  1. 31.   Save

To “save” a file on the Internet means to give it a name and file it on the computer’s hard drive or on a removable disk.


  1. 32.   Search engine

A search engine is an Internet-based mechanism used to search, find and index information on the Internet. This includes Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask and Alatvista.


  1. 33.   Spam

Spam is unsolicited, unwanted, annoying contact or email. It is both a noun and a verb; that is to say spam is a thing as well as an act.


  1. 34.   Spyware

Spyware refers to programs and software that allows internet users to “spy” on each other on the Internet via computers. The software is hidden and it collects information surreptitiously.


  1. 35.   Toolbar

A Row of buttons on the computer screen that gives the user access to various applications and functions on their computer.


  1. 36.   Upload

To upload a document means to transfer documents from the computer you are using to another computer. The document can be text, image, audio or any format that the receiving computer can accommodate.


  1. 37.   URL

See Website Address.


  1. 38.   User name

The username is


  1. 39.   Virus

A computer virus is a malicious or mischievous element that is surreptitiously injected into the computer’s hard drive or software.


  1. 40.   Website

A website is an internet-based space where one finds information of a specified sort under the same URL. The information which is typically spread over numerous web pages potentially includes pictures, videos, text, advertising, HTML codes, audio and more.


  1. Website address

This is the URL for a website; the name to type into the browser in order to access the website. Thus, is the website address for ELG CONSULTING.


  1. 42.   www

This is the abbreviation for World Wide Web



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