be confident when you speak in English

Be More Confident When You Speak in English


So you want to know how to be more confident when you  speak in English. The first step is to stop apologizing for your English. Don’t keep saying “my level of English is not so great” to your audience because they will see that as insecurity.

Even when your English level is “below fluency”, still, just imagine that you are very charming as you are speaking and that your audience is captivated by you and this thought alone will go a long way to helping you be more confident when you speak in English.

The second and very important thing you have to keep in mind is that you should speak at a reasonable speed. Do not try to speak fast to show how great your level is. Instead, focusing on pronouncing all your words and on clarity rather than perfection. It is better to speak slower and be clearer than to speak faster and be unclear. Why with the first approach your audience is more likely to understand what you are saying and they will remain attentive and this will give you confidence. But in the latter, they will not understand you and they will lose interest in what you are saying. So speak at the right speed and tempo.

Good preparation will go a long way to help you feel more confident. So even when your level of English is not so high, if you take the time to prepare properly and to anticipate your audience’s questions, you will seem more like the expert and the audience will give off the vibes that they are learning from you and that will make you feel more confident.

If you want to be more confident when you speak in English, you should also  avoid looking like you don’t know where you are in your presentation. Avoid having too many props and paper and slides. This can get overwhelming when you are nervous and this can kill your confidence.

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