A Memo or a report? That is the question…(audio also available for this post) LAWYERS, BUSINESS PEOPLE and UNIVERSITY STUDENTS SOMETIMES HAVE TO WRITE MEMOS AND REPORTS. As an English language learner you may be wondering whether there is a difference between memos and reports and if so what is that difference? There are several. […]

The ABCs of Writing Effective Business Emails in English

Emails are probably the most common way that business people communicate today.  Gone are the days when managers, managing attorneys, and executives spent significant chunks of time dictating letters to their secretaries. Many just send a quick text or email instead. The problem is that when English is not their “mother tongue” writing effective emails in […]

The pesky phrasal verb and how to use it in Legal English or Business English or Standard English

So what the heck are phrasal verbs anyway and why do lawyers and business professionals need to know how to identify them? Good question. Phrasal verbs in the English language are these unique combinations of 2-3  verb/adverb combinations or it could be verb/preposition combinations or verb/particle that when taken together, mean something completely different from when the words are used […]

How to Make a Great Presentation

So you have to make a presentation in English to an American audience and you are nervous. That is understandable. Americans are nervous when they have to make presentations in languages other than English. The first thing to do is figure out who is your audience. The way you present to lawyers, for example, might […]

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