Transitional Words in English: Make your spoken and written English pop with these linkers and connectors

ENGLISH TRANSITIONAL WORDS (with audio and quiz – free for members and monthly pass holders) Transitional words and phrases are plentiful in English. Some modern writing experts have advocated reducing the use of connectors and linkers. That is to say that the overuse or misuse of these words should be avoided. For English learners, these words serve […]

Speaking English correctly: How to pronounce “ed” verbs

English Conversation tips : How to pronounce –ed English learners sometimes have trouble with “ed” words. Words that end in ed are usually verbs but they can also be adjectives. In English, ed verbs are usually regular verbs to which “ed” is added to the base verb to form the past tense or past participle. There are […]

10 English verbs that you MUST know

Below are 10 English verbs you ought to know how to use: The verbs are given a rank on a scale from very low to very high usage in everyday English conversation. The various tenses of the verb are provided, as well as the verb’s particular nuances and meaning 1. To Explain. (Regular) Meaning: To clarify, to […]

English Conversation: How to speak politely in a business context

Below are some useful phrases you can use in a business context when communicating in English. (Audio version available to members only) Greetings Hello, how are you? Hello, it’s a pleasure to meet you. Good Morning Good Evening Asking for someone’s opinion What is your opinion on this? What are your thoughts on this matter? […]

Making a presentation in English to international audiences

Making a Presentation in English to International Audiences Globalization has had many effects. One is that people increasingly find themselves having to give presentations to international audiences.  Whether it is an academic at an international conference; a lawyer speaking to colleagues about a topic of international law or a business person giving a talk on international opportunities […]

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