English words and idioms every international professional should know

Common English idioms you should know

Whether you are taking Legal English or Business English courses, it is helpful to learn at least a few English idioms so that you can at least up your “cool index” when you speak with your American colleagues. These idioms are not legal idioms or business idioms. We will look at those in another post. These […]

PARIS: Formation Rédiger des Contrat en Anglais, VOCABULAIRE – Essential English Contracts Vocabulary

Formation Rédiger des Contrat en Anglais, Paris – Essential English Contract Vocabulary Avant que vous rédigez des contrat en anglais, vous devez connaître le vocabulaire des contrats en anglais. Les expressions suivant sont des vocabulaires basique pour rédiger des contrats en anglais.   Est ce que vous connaissez ces mots?   Agreement Offer Acceptance Consideration […]

10 English verbs that you MUST know

Below are 10 English verbs you ought to know how to use: The verbs are given a rank on a scale from very low to very high usage in everyday English conversation. The various tenses of the verb are provided, as well as the verb’s particular nuances and meaning 1. To Explain. (Regular) Meaning: To clarify, to […]

Vocabulary for HR personnel

Absentee Absenteeism Adoptive Leave Age Discrimination Annual Leave Applicant Application Application form Benefits Bullying http://englishlanguageglobal.com/english-books/

Vocabulary for Litigators

Acquittal Active judge Admissible Adversarial Adversary proceeding Affidavit Affirmed Alien Tort Claim Act Alternate juror Alternative dispute resolution (ADR) Amicus curiae Answer Anti-Injunction Act Appeal Appellant Appellate Appellate Review Appellee Arbitration Automatic stay Bench trial Brief Burden of Proof Case law Cause of action Civil Law Civil procedure Claim Class action Common law Complaint Confirmation […]

Vocabulary for Arbitrators and Mediators

ADR Vocabulary for Arbitrators and Médiators Ad hoc Ad hoc Arbitration Adjudication Adversary Affidavit Alternative Dispute Resolution Amend Anti-suit injunction Arbitral tribunal Arbitral Tribunal Mediator Arbitration clause Avoidance Award Bad Faith Bifurcation Binding Arbitration Charging Party Claims Clear and Convincing Evidence Conciliation Conflict Consolidation Contingency Fee Counterclaims Dispute resolution Due Process Due Process Escalation clause […]

Employment Law Vocabulary

  Additional work Adoption leave Affirmative Action Annual leave Arbitration Attendance sheet Base pay Blue collar worker Bonus Clock in Colleagues Collective bargaining Commissions Company merger Compensation package Confidentiality Continuing employee education Contract worker Contructive dismissal Co-worker Cubicle Day work Demotion Disability Disability insurance Dismissal Drug testing 28.   Employee rights Employment tribunal Employment visa Fire […]

Basic IT vocabulary

  INTERNET VOCABULARY   1.      At This is the symbol @ which is used in email addresses. Example: contact@elgconsulting.fr   2.      Attachment An attachment is a file which is electronically annexed to an email. It can take various forms such as word, pdf, JPEG and so forth.   3.      Back button   4.      Blog A […]

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