English words and idioms every international professional should know


110 VOCABULARY WORDS FOR MARKETING PROFESSIONALS   Ads Advertising Affluent Agents Attitude Billboards Brand Differentiation Brand Manager Branding Broadcasting Brochures Business landscape Buying Power Campaign Catalogue Channel Competition Consumer Consumer Research Consumerism Cost Creative Culture Curve Customer insights Deceptive advertising Deliver Demand Demand Saturation Digital Media Direct mail Direct Marketing Distribution Distribution Channel Economics Economist […]

Vocabulary for Academics

VOCABULARY FOR ACADEMICS 1. Abruptly 2. Academic 3. Affect 4. Almost 5. Always 6. Analysis 7. Anthropological 8. Apocryphal 9. Apparent 10. Approach 11. Appropriate 12. Area 13. Arrogate 14. Articulate 15. Assert 16. Assertion 17. Assessment 18. Assume 19. Assumption 20. Asymmetrical 21. Authority 22. Available 23. Basic 24. Basically 25. Basis 26. Because […]

The language of Contracts – linguistics for the ESL professional

Contract Law is a universe onto itself and it has its own vocabulary and linguistic pedigree. For those who are English language learners, learning the language of Contracts is an additional challenge to be added to learning the English language itself. Oye! Well, never fret. Today, I am going to give you a series of […]

The abstract noun: A few examples for the English learner

First, what is an abstract noun? We all know that a noun is a person, place or thing. But what about an “abstract noun”? Is it an “abstract” person, place or thing? Well, sort of. An abstract noun is a word that is “abstract” in the sense you cannot see it or feel it or touch it […]


Globalization is here to stay and one of the great things about it is the Internet which levels the playing field and allows the entire world access to information and communication modalities and functionalities. Since English is increasingly the language of business and commerce and since so much international business takes place on the Internet, it made intuitive sense to […]

10 Modal Verbs to improve your English communication skills

  Modal verbs are basically helping verbs or auxiliary verbs. Modal verbs are needed not only in standard English but also in Legal English such as with Contracts, Negotiation, Mediation and Arbitration scenarios to express duties, obligations, expectations, ability, permission and intention. The importance of modal verbs in the English language cannot be over-stated. Below […]

The pesky phrasal verb and how to use it in Legal English or Business English or Standard English

So what the heck are phrasal verbs anyway and why do lawyers and business professionals need to know how to identify them? Good question. Phrasal verbs in the English language are these unique combinations of 2-3  verb/adverb combinations or it could be verb/preposition combinations or verb/particle that when taken together, mean something completely different from when the words are used […]

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