PARIS: Formation Rédiger des Contrat en Anglais, VOCABULAIRE – Essential English Contracts Vocabulary

Formation Rédiger des Contrat en Anglais, Paris – Essential English Contract Vocabulary Avant que vous rédigez des contrat en anglais, vous devez connaître le vocabulaire des contrats en anglais. Les expressions suivant sont des vocabulaires basique pour rédiger des contrats en anglais.   Est ce que vous connaissez ces mots?   Agreement Offer Acceptance Consideration […]

The language of Contracts – linguistics for the ESL professional

Contract Law is a universe onto itself and it has its own vocabulary and linguistic pedigree. For those who are English language learners, learning the language of Contracts is an additional challenge to be added to learning the English language itself. Oye! Well, never fret. Today, I am going to give you a series of […]

How to deal with aggressive American lawyers and negotiators

Many lawyers around the world  have a perception of American lawyers as being tough, bull dog negotiators and litigators. Some may even be a little bit intimidated at the thought of having to go into a meeting with an American lawyer or law firm to negotiate a tough deal, especially when their English is not […]

7 Tips for drafting “good” contracts

For lawyers whose primary language is not English, drafting contracts in English can be a daunting task.  Nevertheless, possessing good drafting skills gives lawyers a competitive edge because in the international marketplace contractual interactions are increasingly commonplace. More and more businesses and individuals are entering into international contractual agreements that are drafted in English. Lawyers for […]

10 Tips for Successful Negotiation

Negotiation is an unavoidable component of living and thriving in one’s community and world. Increasingly, negotiation is a necessary skill for achieving success in the international arena. What is the point of negotiation? The point is for both sides to come out feeling like they have had a win. In order for both sides to […]

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