CEFR Assessment Test Level B1 – B2


1.       ____________________, I went to see my grand-mother but she was not there. (next week, yesterday)

2.       The door man ________________the doorbell but I was in the shower (is ringing, was ringing)

3.       My friends and I ran _________________ to get the bus. (fast, quickly)

4.       The Hollywoodien ___________. (Is arrived, has arrived)

5.       The Chinese ______________ the world in tech in 5 years (would be leading, will be leading)

6.       You need to ____________ your cheat sheets now. (put away, put behind)

7.       The Duchess arrived very _______________ for her wedding ceremony (late, lately)

8.       This soup is _______________ hot! (too, to, two)

9.       He took the money and ran, _______________ (would he? Didn’t he?)

10.   You were the first French person to win this prize (isn’t it? Weren’t you?)

11.   There is no one else in the truck, ________________ (is it? Is there?)

12.   The European Union ____________ fight over BREXIT (will, did)

13.   The woman is ______________ tall as her daughter. (more, as)

14.   They are the very _____________ when it comes to this. (worse, worst)

15.   This is the _____________ corrupt it has ever been. (more, most)

16.   Gigi is ______________ than Bella. (more prettier, prettier)

17.   If you ________________, you should take a nap.  (are tired, were to be tired)

18.   If I ______________ time, I will do it (have, had)

19.   If I ______________ time, I would do it (have, had)

20.   If I ____________ time, I would have done it (have had, had had)

21.   ____________ it’s summer, I can wear my pretty dresses (now that, in spite of)

22.   She won ____________ she took big risks (since, because)

23.   _______________ the investigation, the accused was cleared. (as consequence, because of)

24.   The English language ____________ by very skilled Anglopones. (is teached, is taught)

25.   The plane _____________ because of high winds (is delayed, have delayed)

26.   What did you _______________? (think, thought?)

27.   Why has she _________________ the meeting? (cancel, cancelled)

28.   Which exam did you ______________ in the end? (take, took)

29.   Where do you see this ________________ in the future? (to go, going)

30.   My husband said he ____________ buy me a new car. (will, shall)

The answers