Cours d’Anglais Juridique et des Affaires, Paris

A Note from an American English Trainer in Paris

I am an English teacher in Paris. After several years teaching English in Paris, I have come to realize a few things about students who take one of my cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires. One key thing I have learned is that French students are very serious and every intense about taking their English to the next level.

I have also come to realize that learning (and teaching) a language can be very technical and very challenging. A lot of times, my students (juridique, avocats, juristes) are not really all that interested in sitting there going over Blacks Law Dictionary or some other legal thesaurus/dictionary all in the name of improving their legal vocabulary. Ditto for business students.

Students who search for cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires really want to be comfortable speaking and writing in English but in a natural way. They want both general and legal and business scenarios and hypotheticals where they speak, speak speak as if they are a native. It is always very refreshing to see how much the french professional enjoys speaking in English in varying contexts.

What are some of the key themes I would recommend for someone offering cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires to the Paris professional whether a lawyer or other professional?

They like to do presentations. They like to discuss politics – a lot.  They like to spend some time on vocabulary specific to their domain but also, they want and need general vocabulary. Almost always you will have to go over verb tenses unless the student is quite advanced. In fact, my experience is that if you can clean up the problems with tenses, or at least get them a little bit better than when you met the student, he or she will feel a great deal of progress has been made both in spoken and written communication. Indeed, I have always felt that 75 percent of teaching English to the French student whether professionals in a cours d’anglais juridique et des affaires, or to lycée, or university students, is to get them to understand the use of tenses and why one tense is the right one in a particular circumstance as opposed to another tense. This is a key strategy for helping the student to improve.

Working on drafting emails is a good exercise too as well as doing some work with presentations as most students will need to send emails in English and many are called upon to do presentations in their professional roles.

I like to give students a lot of opportunity to speak on a wide variety of subjects and to listen to the way they construct their sentences too, and to make the corrections in real time. I always say “just talk to me.” I think ultimately this has been the most effective in improving their English is to have them speak, to listen to them and then to have them listen to me as well. But to do it in the most natural way as if they live in English as if they speak it as their native language, and not so much as if they are speaking with their cours anglais juridique et affaires “teacher” in Paris. It quickly builds their confidence up, and their ease with the language.

“Just talk to me, darlings!” I like to say. “I think this is the best way or you to learn the language.”


Marion TD Lewis

Founder ELG Consulting


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