Proficiency in English is an Asset

After several years teaching English to international learners I have come to realize that English learners are very serious and every intense about taking their English to the next level. This is because they realize what an asset it is to be able to communicate in the unofficial “international language.”

I have also come to realize that learning (and teaching) a language can be very technical and very challenging because each student is different and each is looking for something unique to them. There are many different reasons why someone might seek to learn English, in other words: for work, play, academic improvement.

English learners really want to be comfortable speaking and writing in English but in a natural way. They want both general and legal and business scenarios and hypotheticals where they speak as if they are a native. It is always very refreshing to see how much English learners enjoy speaking in English in varying contexts.

University students and children obviously have a different set of needs and a different focus. So it is often about tailoring the course to meet the students’ needs.

At the same time, cost is an issue for many learners which is why having the option to take a group course online can be such an attractive as well.

Whatever your personal preference as far as the method you would like to use to learn English, we welcome you to consider working with us. It would be our pleasure to help you achieve the proficiency in English that you seek.



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