ENGLISH LESSONS FOR CHILDREN AGES 5 – 17 ELG Consulting offers English progams for children aged 5 – 17. Individual lessons as well as small groups.


We focus on making English fun for children while at the same time improving their ability to converse in English over time. We especially like to work with students and parents who are motivated and really want to learn English.



For  children 5 – 8 or older beginners)

For beginning learners we focus on building vocabulary using art, conversation and video. The themes include:

  1. Greetings, how to say hello and goodbye in English (several different ways taught)
  2. Memorizing days of the week
  3. Counting to 100
  4. Learning the names of different Animals
  5. Discovering the names for parts of the body.
  6. Telling the time
  7. Fruits and vegetables
  8. Insects
  9. English songs
  10. Colors
  11. more….

For Children 8-10

We focus on improving on the vocabulary and conversational skills and being to work on ORAL & WRITTEN COMPREHENSION. We work with specific publications and books to assist the children in moving to the next level with their English Skills.

We also use read alouds (English classics like Goldilocks and the Three Bears; The Very Hungry Caterpillar and more

And as we do for younger children, we also use English songs and music to assist in learning the language in a fun and light hearted way. We try to combine an art segment with some  lessons to keep the children engaged and having fun.

We focus on conversation and grammar skills. We also select classic books such as Harry Potter and Sherlock Holmes for reading and discussion.


For Children 12 – 15

We  focus on using drama & theatre to give the student a more fun and adaptable experience.


Children 15 – 17

Conversation in English. (Books, Films, News, Music)

Assistance with preparing for the English BAC.


Group rates (up to 6 students)

20 euros per student

Individual Rates

30 euros per student

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RESOURCES THAT MIGHT BE INTERESTING FOR YOUR YOUNG LEARNERS OF ENGLISH Resources for Beginning learners and young kids Ma Methode d’Anglais by Genevieve Waite Petite Methode pour Debuter en Anglais by Magdalena Guirao-Jullien Grammar Starter by Jennifer Seidl The Very Hungry Caterpillar by Eric Carle   Twinkle Twinklekids Little Star, by Sanja Rescek Colors and Shapes by Roberta Grober Mealtime by Rojer Priddy Numbers 1-100  by Brighter Child Oxford Picture Dictionary Content Areas by Dorothy Kauffman   Resources for Older Children and teens Excavating English by Ruth Johnston L’anglais dans Votre Poche by Le Mini Larousse Anglais 3eme LV 1 by Nicole De Vannoise and Jean Cureau English in Mind by Herbert Puchta     Foto courtesy of FLICKR creative commons

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