English Conference Call? Here are 12 Tips to Nail It When Your English Level is Not That Good

How to Handle the English Conference Call When Your English Level is Not So Good

When your English level is not so high, and you have to do a conference call in English, of course you are going to be a nervous wreck. But with the tips below, maybe your next English conference call does not have to be so daunting:


  • Try your best to remember that even though your English is not perfect, you are still badass and you can handle this challenge
  • Don’t let your NERVES wreck your performance on your English conference call. Stay calm.!
  • Prepare well in advance for the call.  You should know what it will be about before you get on the line. Anticipate the questions you will be asked and practice how you will respond. Also practice any statements you need to make yourself.
  • Practice what you are going to say a few times before you get on the line. If possible, have one of your colleagues role play with you.
  • Don’t be late to the English conference call. Be sure you have all the log on details ahead of time to avoid being frazzled.
  • If you just don’t understand (because you English level is not so great) figure out before hand what you will say and how you will handle it. If it is a situation that you don’t want the other people to know that your English is not so great, then, plan what you will say when you just don’t know what they are talking about. For example, you might say something like “I’m sorry, I have a very bad connection. Can you repeat that?” Or you might pretend not to understand the issue rather than the language. So you could say something like “I’m sorry but I am not sure I am clear on your question. What exactly did you mean by that?” (Feel free to prepare up to 5 different things you can say to get the speaker to repeat without you having to admit that your English level is not up to par.
  • Consider having a colleague who speaks English in the room and if possible, quickly turn to them for a translation if your English conference call starts to go over your head.
  • Be sure to call from a quiet place that will allow you to be relaxed and in control of all the things you can control. That means you probably should call from your office and not a bench in the park during your lunch hour.
  • Make sure your phone is working ahead of the call.
  • Do as little talking as is needed to get your point across. KISS. (Keep it Short and Simple) because the more you talk is the more you will reveal that your English level is not so great. So only speak when absolutely necessary.
  • Do not cut across others on the line. Wait and be silent rather than interrupt.
  • Get an English coach to help you prepare for your English conference call before hand if you can.


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