English Level Assessment Test

TAKE THE  FOLLOWING English Level Assessment Test To Evaluate Your Level of English proficiency. Keep in mind that this English Level Assessment Test is geared towards levels B1 or lower.

English level assessment test


  1. How ______________ does this cost?  (Many, Much)
  2. What ____________ you want? (do, have)
  3. ____________ mother is here. (Jaydens, Jayden’s)
  4. This is the _________________ time I asked you to be quiet (four, fourth)
  5. How _____________ you? (Are, goes)
  6. Is this _______________ car? (Their, There)
  7. I will see you _____________ midnight (on, at)
  8. _______________ you seen Jack? (Are, have)
  9. I ___________ hear the church bells (am, can)
  10. I ______________ hear the church bells (did can, could)
  11. Why ______________ I go to school? (must, cannot)
  12. The boy____________ the pizza. (Eaten, ate)
  13. I ___________ my summers in Aspen. (spent, have spent)
  14. ____________ gave you that ring? (What, Who)
  15. _____________ did you say? (What, How)
  16. Why did Sheila ___________ that? (do, did)
  17. I am ______________ right now. (eat, eating)
  18. Mary _____________ oatmeal everyday (eating, eats)
  19. I would like __________ water (some, of)
  20. I ______________ new shoes (am wearing, wear)

Part two: Verb Choice: Select the Correct Word
  1. His birthday cake__________ seven candles  (has, have)
  2. The woman is _________ the queue (on, in)
  3. Thierry __________ going to the supermarket. (love, loves)
  4. Molly ______________ going to the dentist (hates, is hating)
  5. I ___________ a book when I was nine. (write, wrote)
  6. I _______________ a book (write, have written)
  7. I ___________ books. (Write, written)
  8. My family and I _______________ holidays every summer. (Take, is taking)
  9. My family and I ___________ holidays every summer since 2012. (take, have taken)
  10. My family and I have taken holidays every summer _________12 years (since; for)
  11. My house _____________ in 1978. (build, was built)
  12. The house _____________ by the family (is loved, has loved)
  13. The TV ____________ on. (be, is)
  14. I ____________ stamps at the post office (have buy, buy)
  15. The boy _________________ the trolley in the supermarket. (push, pushes)
  16. The boys ____________ football in the park (are playing, was playing)
  17. We can ________________ fresh meat at the butchers (buy, did buy)
  18. Paris ____________ the best fresh fruit markets (have, has)
  19. I _________________ my keys. (lost, would lost)
  20. My daughter _____________ me a fountain pen for my birthday. (give, gave)

Part Three: Read the following passage and fill in the missing words/articles
  1. When Donald Trump announced his run for the presidency of (1)________ United States (2)___ 2015, he started with (3) ___ multi-billion dollar brag: “I am rich.” Indeed, he had (4)___ sheet of paper which he said had been created by his accountants and which he said showed his financial net-worth. However, when he officially released his financials (5)______few weeks later, he said his worth was (6)____ whopping ten billion dollars.
Part Four: Read the following passage aloud and explain what the passage means:

His net-worth was hardly the only thing Mr Trump bragged about. He constantly reminded everyone of his alma mater  -The Wharton School of Finance in Pennsylvania. It may not be Harvard but Mr Trump never let anyone forget that Wharton is the “hardest school to get into.” He also bragged about his best-selling book, The Art of the Deal.”

Part Five: Vocabulary building: Write a sentence with each of these words
  1. Bird
  2. Cow
  3. Net-worth
  4. Plant
  5. Hardly
  6. Sheep
  7. Constantly
  8. airport
  9. hardest
  10. train
  11. Bragged
  12. Star
  13. Forget
  14. Sea
  15. Sunglasses
  16. Swim suit
  17. Soap
  18. Tea
  19. Pasta
  20. Biscuits

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