Fondée: 2013

Fondatrice: Marion TD Lewis

Statut: Auto entrepreneur

Numéro SIRET: 78917469500039

Numéro de déclaration d’activité: 11 75 52507 75

ELG Consulting is an AMERICAN English language training enterprise in Paris, France founded in 2013 by Marion TD Lewis, an American attorney who is admitted to the New York and Georgia Bars in the United States. Ms Lewis holds a JD from New York Law School and a Master of Laws from St Marys University School of Law. She also holds a Masters Degree in Education from the City University of New York. An avid blogger, Ms Lewis is the creator of  Divorce Saloon International (www.divorcesaloon.com) and Political Bedfellows (www.politicalbedfellows.com). She is also the author of at least a dozen books.

In 2012 Ms Lewis arrived in Paris to pursue a Doctorate in Political Science. During that time, she worked as a trainer for COMMUNICAID, an international English language training school. She had the opportunity to work with clients from many of the top and major enterprises and organizations in Paris and parts of the rest of France including RATP, the Mairie De Paris, and Longchamps among others. Ms Lewis has also taught students in several French universities including ESIEE, EFAP and the University of Nanterre.

In 2013 she formed ELG Consulting which is currently set up as an auto-entrepreneur.

At ELG we offer face to face English training for children, adults and working professionals (anglais juridique et anglais professionnel). We are also available for telephonic training as well as digitally for consumers around the world.