How to Ask Questions in English: 6 Basic Ways to Ask Questions in the English Language



There are many ways to pose or ask questions in English. This post will explore 6 basic ways to ask questions in English:

  1. Using all forms and tenses of the verb “to be” including active and passive voice.


  • Am I late?
  • Was I late?
  • Have I ever been late?
  • Will I be late?
  • Is the car being moved by a truck?
  • Are you sure that the car is being moved by the truck?
  • Will the house be damaged by the hurricane?
  • Will we know if the house is damaged by the hurricane?
  • Is he leaving?
  • Will they have left by the time we arrive?
  • Are they being put to sleep?


  1. Are you VERY tall? (yes I am. No I am not.)
  2. Is your mother an orangutan? (Yes, she is./No she is not./No she isn’t.)
  3. Are you a fan of Donald Trump? ‘Yes I am. No I am not)
  4. Is your gut big? (yes it is. /No it isn’t)
  5. Are you going to see the film tomorrow evening? (Yes, I am. / No I am not. / No I’m not.)
  6. Are you going to take a major vacation this year? (Yes I am. /No I am not)


2. Using all forms and tenses of the verb “to have


  • Have you seen these documents?
  • Have I got any money?
  • Have you got any money?
  • Has he got any money?
  • Has she got the most beautiful smile you have ever seen?
  • Has he been drinking or what?
  • Has she ever been in this university before?
  • Have they any conscience whatsoever?
  • Have you got a private jet or were you just joking?
  • Have you ever heard such a ridiculous story in your entire life?
  • Have you had any success with this medication?
  • Have you seen the latest George Clooney movie?
  • Have you lost your mind?
  • Had you known better would you have done it?
  • Had she taken a different route everything would have turned out differently for her.


  • Have you been attending this school for more than one year?
  • Have you ever been to Moscow?
  • Have you ever visited Canada?
  • Has your mother ever hit you when you were a kid?
  • Had you known what you know now, would you have still come to this school?
  • Has a mosquito ever stung you?
  • Have you always been this smart?


3. Using modal verbs such as (Can, Could, Should, Would, May, Might, Must, Able to, Shall, Will, Ought)


  • Can you pass the salt, please?
  • Could you play the piano when you were little or did you only learn as an adult?
  • Should I pay the tab?
  • Would you please stop acting stupid?
  • May I ask you to dance?
  • Might this be the one you are looking for?
  • Must you continuously act like a moron?
  • Are you able to see the blackboard?
  • Shall we go?
  • Ought we to think about leaving now?



  • Can you play the piano?
  • Could you write with both hands at any point in your life?
  • May I ask you a personal question?
  • Will you go to a Coldplay concert with me if I pay all your expenses?
  • Are you able to eat a lot of beans without getting gas?
  • Shall we go out for a cigarette now?



4. Using a relative pronoun (Who, What, Where, When, How, Which)


  • Who let the dogs out?
  • What is going on in here?
  • Where is the car?
  • When can we leave?
  • How are you?
  • Which is your favorite?



5. Using an indirect question with a tag at the end

  • You didn’t really mean to do that, did you?
  • We should to leave now, shouldn’t we?
  • I was great, wasn’t I?
  • You have done this before, haven’t you?
  • She has a lot of money, hasn’t she?
  • Your dad will like this tie, won’t he?
  • That guy is nuts, isn’t he?
  • We need to ask permission before we park here, musn’t we?
  • We have enough food to survive at least a month, haven’t we?

6. Using the verb “do”


    • Do you have the time?
    • Do you know how I can get to the town square?
    • Did you really invent the machine?
    • Didn’t I see you in that bar?
    • Doesn’t he like cherries?
    • Doesn’t she like chocolate?
    • Did you  honestly think that I didn’t know what you are up to?
    • Do you own a pet?
    • Do they have a big house?



  1. Do you speak Spanish as well as you speak English? (Yes I do. / No I don’t.)
  2. Do you speak German well?  (Yes I do. /No I don’t)
  3. Does your girlfriend like chocolate pudding? (Yes she does. / No she doesn’t.)
  4. Do you have an older brother ? (Yes I do. / No I don’t)
  5. Did you always look this way?
  6. Did she steal the lipstick?







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