10 Resources to Help You Improve Your English Pronunciation

Improve Your English Pronunciation Now!


Improve your English pronunciation with these resources and techniques:

The best and most effective way to improve your English pronunciation is to use your ears. That’s right. Listening well is the key to improving your English pronunciation. But who should you listen to? It depends on your goals. If your goal is to improve your pronunciation so that you sound like a native English person from the UK, you need to listen to native English person from the UK. If your goal is to improve your English pronunciation so you sound more like your teacher,  (whatever his or her English accent may be) then by all means you have to spend more time listening to your teacher. If you want an American accent, then listen to Americans. The idea is that you have to spend time listening to the speakers you would like to sound like.

In addition to listening, if you want to improve your English pronunciation, you also have to practice actually speaking and hearing yourself speak so it is a good idea to read aloud to yourself and tape record yourself as you speak. Keep in mind that good pronunciation will always mean speaking with clarity so that the listener understands perfectly what you say. No point in having the cutest accent in the world if you are not understood. Good pronunciation means that you are understood.

To avoid a gobbled sound when you speak, practice speaking as slowly as you can without being ridiculous. In other words, there is slow and then there is ridiculous. Avoid the latter.

You may want to invest some time watching videos on English pronunciation such as the INTERNATIONAL PHONETIC ALPHABET which gives you the rules for English pronunciation.

Below are 10 resources  ONLINE ARTICLES, PODCASTS, APPS, POEM and VIDEOS that should go a long way towards helping you improve your English pronunciation:

  1. Poem: The Chaos by Gerard Nolste Trenité
  2. Article: How to Improve your English Pronunciation in 8 Steps
  3. Article: The Sound of English: Tim’s Pronunciation Workshop – BBC Learning English
  4. Article: 8 Tongue Twisters to Improve English Pronunciation
  5. Article: English pronunciation practice for Arabic learners
  6. Podcast: English pronunciation podcasts
  7. App: Google Android English pronunciation app
  8. App: English Practice App – Engvarta
  9. Video: British Council English Pronunciation 
  10. Video: English Pronunciation Training

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