Improve Your English Communication Skills With These 6 Tips, Tricks & Shortcuts



  1. To improve your English quickly, focus on the tenses. Memorize the 12 basic ones which are (present simple, present continuous, past simple, past continuous, present perfect, past perfect, future perfect, futur simple, future continuous, present perfect continuous, past perfect continuous and future perfect continuous). Look for examples of all of these on the internet and practice making up your own examples. Focus on understanding why each one is used. Mastering this aspect will improve your English by about 70 percent.
  2. Listen in English. When someone is talking to you in English, focus on comprehension in English even if this is difficult. Do not try to translate in your mind into your own language then back into English. Train your brain to hear in English. This method may mean you only understand 10 percent of what is said initially but if you practice “hearing in English” without trying to translate into your own language this will go a long way to helping you to improve more quickly.
  3. Speak slowly at first. As you speak, think in English about what you are saying to make sure you have all the parts that are needed in the sentence. English sentences always need a subject and verb. Except for exclamations which can be one word like: Wow! Damn! Oye! What?! No! (Note that a sentence such as Stop! has a subject and verb even if it is just one word. In this case, the subject is implied. The subject is “you” so it is as if you said “You stop!)
  4. Read aloud in English. This will help you to hear yourself which somehow helps you to improve your vocabulary, grammar and writing skills. If you tape yourself as you read aloud, that is even better.
  5. Be shameless about making mistakes. You can’t expect to speak perfect English in one year or even two. Think about it, how long did it take you to learn your own native language? Have you mastered your own language? Do you know every single grammar rule and every single vocabulary word in your language? Probably not. You will never know English perfectly but then again, neither will native English speakers. So don’t be afraid to mess up. When you give yourself the freedom to make mistakes, you actually learn a lot faster.
  6. Finally, to improve your English quickly, keep a word journal. Try to learn one new English word per day. You can probably find a word of the day app which helps to facilitate this objective. Jot the word in your journal every day and review constantly.

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