learn english by watching movies

How to Learn English by Watching Movies

Did You Know that you can improve Your English Fluency by Watching Movies in English?


A lot of people learn English by watching movies. Indeed, one of the easiest and most fun ways to learn English is to watch movies or even TV series in English.

For one thing, you get to hear English spoken in its most natural way and this will go a long way to helping you improve your English. Watching movies also gives you a bird’s eye view into the culture of that particular place whether it is a city, country, neighborhood or home/family. This context can also help you improve your own English skills faster.


  1. Make sure the movie is one you are interested in
  2. Choose movies that are G rated rather than “R” rated at first
  3. Do not use the subtitle function all the time. You could probably use it the first time you watch a particular film but after that you need to turn it off
  4. Watch at least two movies per week, maybe more
  5. Select movies with different English accents (American, Indian, Australian, British, Caribbean, etc)
  6. Don’t feel you have to watch “classic” you need to enjoy the movie so choose movies with actors that you already like.
  7. Have a book so you can copy vocabulary words you don’t know and go over your list regularly.
  8. Pause the film often or slow down the movie so you can re-listen if you were not clear on something.
  9. Consider watching the movie with other people so you can have a discussion in English about the film after.
  10. Focus on listening rather than reading subtitles

The English spoken in movies is not always perfect, though. There could be a lot of slang, indecent words and bad grammar so you need to be mindful and you need to choose your movies with care. Though, learning slang and indecent words are also important aspects of learning to speak the language in the most natural way.


Here are a few movies you can watch if you want to learn English by watching movies:

  1. The Sound of Music
  2. Forrest Gump
  3. A Few Good Men
  4. Endless Love
  5. Harry Potter
  6. Star Wars
  7. The Hunger Games
  8. Shakespeare in Love
  9. Maid in Manhattan
  10. The Talented Mr Ripley

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