Legal English Training, Paris: Contracts, Negotiation, Employment, Mergers…

LEGAL ENGLISH training, PARIS: English training in Paris for French lawyers

Looking for a Legal English training session this year? You have come to the right place.

English Language Global (“ELG”) invites you to take your Legal English Training in Paris with us.  We offer some of the most competitive prices. We can tailor a course to suit your individual needs or you can take one of our courses already adapted to the needs of the average legal practitioner. For example, we offer a CONTRACTS TRAINING COURSE IN PARIS. Part of the description appears below:



This course is geared to the French lawyer who is already experienced with drafting contracts in French. He or she ideally drafts contracts as part of their jobs and would like to finesse their English skills relative to this task. What we offer in this course is a lot of contracts vocabulary as well as related legal vocabulary. We also look at sample contract clauses and compare (through a discussion with the student) the English/American contract to the French contract. We look at old fashioned terms and modern terms in English contracts.


  • Our Legal English training in Paris is taught by a licensed American attorney.
  • We offer a minimum 20 hour contract. Our sessions are 1,5 hours each.
  • We offer both intensive and extensive modules adapted to your needs.


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