Luxury Brand Industry English: To Get a Job in the Luxury Brand Industry You Must Speak and Write English Fluently

It is imperative that you speak English fluently to get a job in the Luxury brand industry. Luxury Brand Industry English is highly prized in this competitive field


The luxury market is usually geared to an international & global clientele and their language of communication tends to be English and this might explain why luxury brand industry English is so highly prized. Why is English fluency so important for this field? Maybe this is because a disproportionate number of this clientele comes from North America where English is the native language. But rest assured that the top one percent, no matter their provenance, are usually fluent in English and tend to expect to communicate in English when they travel, eat out or go shopping for luxury goods.  That means that to get a job in the luxury industry for example as a Brand Content Manager in a luxury Hotel, Restaurant or Fashion house, you will need to be able to speak like a native otherwise you probably will not be able to win the position and another competitor who is fluent in English will get the job.

Why? Because again, these jobs cater to a global clientele and English is the global language of communication for the very rich. But it is not just the very rich. English is the lingua franca across all social classes.

If you want to work in the Luxury Brand Industry you have simply got to be highly proficient in English. It is okay if you have a heavy accent (this can be an advantage in some contexts) so long as you can speak clearly and write clearly and understand implicitly all communication in English, you can probably find a job in the field.

Luxury brands seek to maintain brand consistency across borders – i.e. regionally and globally – and so in order to ensure they are doing the best job at that, they usually will hire people who can speak the global language which is English because these brands understand their audience is likely to be predominately English speaking; they understand that the Internet (which is in English) is a primary source of information for and about the brand and that most trends evolve online (media including social media and traditional media are predominantly consumed digitally. )and that their employees will need to be able to follow these evolutions in real time, fully process and understand with a high level of English proficiency; and make timely recommendations in order to maintain their competitive advantage. Again, the stakes are very high and this is why being able to speak English when you work in the luxury brand market is so vitally important.

Luxury Brand Industry English is rather specialized and the student of luxury brand industry English must be prepared to invest time and resources in achieving perfect English fluency.

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