At ELG we can create a set of personalized audios for your students or employees that they can listen to at their own leisure and convenience without the hassle of getting to and from English lessons.

Five minutes is all it takes to learn a new point of English grammar, vocabulary, conversation tip or career hack. Our audios will be short, to the point and entertaining so that the student enjoys learning at their own pace in their own time. This should be good news to school language coordinators who struggle with high absentee rates among students.

The fact is that today’s students do not want to have to sit through hours of formalized English classes. They have mobile phones and they can learn on the go. They want more control of their time and their learning. What is the solution? Send the lecture to their inbox! A short audio is all they need! You can easily assess their attendance and progress by having them complete quizzes during the semester.

The clear advantage of having audios tailor made to your organization, employees or students is that they can re-listen to them as many times as they need to, when they have the time, and/or wherever they choose.

Imagine your students or employees learning English as they commute to work or to your campus with a mobile phone and headphones! Easy. Stress free. Effective. Win Win.



Contact us today about getting an bespoke audio series made especially for you.

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