Legal Blogs


  1. The Wall Street Journal Law Blog (Legal News)

  2. Legal Writing Professors Blog (Legal Writing)

  3. Law Marketing Blog (marketing and networking strategies for lawyers)

  4. Wordrake (Writing tips)

  5. Above the Law (Legal Commentary and law firm gossip)

  6. Law Prose (Legal Writing blog)

  7. IPHONE JD (Technology blog for lawyers)

  8. The Vault (Seeking a law job in the USA?)

  9. The Volokh Conspiracy (Law Professors mouthing off about the law and other matters)

  10. China Law Blog (Great for lawyers with clients in China)

  11. The Careerist (advice for lawyers on shaping their lives)

  12. The Lawyerist (Lawyering Skills and Practice Management)

  13. Scrotus Blog (All things and cases from the Supreme Court of the United States)

  14. Adams On Contract Drafting (contracts law)

  15. Ernie the Attorney (Technology Blog)

  16. Corporette (A guilty pleasure for female lawyers)

  17. Law Firm Web Strategy (technology for lawyers)

  18. Law Vibe

  19. Lady Legal Writer (Writing tips)

  20. A Brief Grammar For Lawyers (Grammar tips for lawyers)

  21. Divorce Saloon – A divorce and matrimonial law and news blog written by ELG editors



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