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Monthly Pass Holder

9,99 Euros for 30 consecutive days of full access to the website.

Your monthly pass includes full access to all:

  1. Blogs
  2. Quizzes
  3. Journal articles
  4. Audios
  5. Videos

English is the international lingua franca

The more English you know

The more competitive you are globally

The more English you read, listen to and speak

The more proficient you become personally

You deserve to know English

Make an investment in English proficiency


Your monthly pass DOES NOT include free access to courses or course discounts. For discounts on courses please consult our PREMIUM MEMBERSHIP;



Premium Yearly Pass

99,99 euros for 365 consecutive days of full access to the website, plus a discount on courses

Your Premium Pass entitles you to:

1. All the benefits of monthly pass holders plus

2. 10 percent discount for one year on all courses offered by ELG. This is an individual offer and does not apply to groups.

3. 100 € cash payment for each first time referral you make that results in a new membership where this new member completes and pays in full for a regular 20 or  30 hour in person Legal English or business English module. This offer is a one-time payment only; it does not apply if student renews for additional modules.  Special terms and conditions: The new member, at the beginning of his or her module, must confirm that he or she was referred by the referring member and must likewise become a member in order for the referer to receive the referral fee. The referral fee is payable once full payment has been received from the new member or his/her employer and the new member  completes the course. It is the referer’s responsibility to notify us at the end of the module that they wish to cash in the claim. Claims shall be deemed forfeited if not made within 60 days of the end of the module. Referrer must be an active member of ELG both at the time the referral is made and when the module is completed in order to receive the referral fee.

4. Free ELG updates & newsletters which are made available by the editors

5. Access to select member appreciation wine & cheese events (tba at ELG’s discretion).

Your premium pass includes 10% discount on courses.


Member Obligations

  • Members agree to abide by all rules of the society
  • Members agree to allow ELG to add their name to our membership database.



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