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If you Want to Teach English Abroad Check Out these 10 Countries

So you want to teach English Abroad and you are wondering where the hot spots are?

Well, almost anywhere in the world where English is not the national language would be a good bet however some destinations seem to be more popular than others. In Europe, the market is probably very saturated at this point so if you want to teach English abroad and you want to be sure to find work, then maybe there are other places other than Europe that could be a better bet in terms of not just salaries, but housing, taxes, bonuses and other perks. These jobs are mostly to teach kids English but many are with universities and some are with businesses that cater to professional clientele.

Below are 10 countries that are worth investigating further to see if they would be a good fit for your present needs:

1. China: China is definitely one of the more popular destinations and there are a lot of potential clients for you to assist with learning the language. Moreover they are very eager to learn. Do some research on this country for sure.

2. Vietnam: This is another country to check out if you want to teach English abroad. The cost of living is very reasonable and it seems to be relatively safe. Obviously you have to do your research to be sure it is the right fit for you at this time.

3. Malaysia: Malaysia is also a good destination and should be on your short list of countries to research further if you are sure you want to teach English abroad.

4. Japan: While this country has a high cost of living and thus could be pricey for a lot of people, still, there are tons of jobs in Japan for people who want to teach English. Americans may have a harder time than, say, Australians, Brits and South Africans but there are many schools that would welcome you with open arms so look into it.

5. United Arab Emirates: All the Arab countries are a good bet for you if you want to teach English abroad. Some are probably better than others if, for example, you are female or if you are of color or if you are older – things like that. You have to look into it and research it well but these jobs can be very high paying ones and housing is usually provided so it is a good deal if you can get it and you should investigate the possibilities.

6. Saudi Arabia: Though very culturally conservative, this country does have a good reputation for maybe the majority of people who have taught English there. Again, if you are male it is probably easier to get in. But the pay is reportedly very good and housing is usually provided by most schools.

7. Thailand: Thailand is a beautiful country and really loved by beach lovers. It is a country with a lot of people who want to learn English. The food is great and the cost of living is not that outrageous. So if you want to teach English abroad – especially in Asia – obviously Thailand should be on your short list.

8. Hong Kong: Though English is spoken by most people in this country, still there are quite a number of schools and organizations that regularly advertise for English teaches so if you want to teach abroad, look into Hong Kong.

9. Hungary: There are quite a few schools and enterprises in Budapest that have been consistently advertising for teachers. So if you want to teach English abroad, don’t forget Hungary.

10. Mexico: Several Central and South American countries, like Mexico, are popular with people who want to teach English abroad. Mexico is obviously a beautiful country. Some parts may not be that safe and so depending on your situation, this one my not be number one on your short list. But it is worth looking into especially if you are interested in nice weather, good food, and learning Spanish.


This website Dave’s ESL Café International has a comprehensive list of jobs for teachers who want to teach English abroad. Research it on Google if you are so inclined.


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