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You can begin to build your own teaching business or gain exposure for an existing teaching enterprise that you have formed. Your fees also provide you with unlimited access to our blogs, audios and available videos, as well as to our in house journal, The Journal of International English and Linguistic Rights.


We welcome teachers from every country in the world.

Disclaimer: You understand that by joining this network you do not create a contractual partnership agreement with ELG but only an agreement to advertise on this website. Neither you nor ELG is an agent of the other but both are completely independent of the other. By joining you agree never to represent that you work for ELG and to hold ELG harmless for any disputes between you and your clients. By joining you also imply that you have read the terms of service, privacy Policy and legal disclaimer for this website. You further understand and agree that should ELG experience power outages or system failures or otherwise need to perform maintenance on its website that your ad may be temporarily unavailable to customers and you agree to hold ELG harmless for such.


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Janice Scott-Templeton

Los Angeles, California


General English


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Melissa NGUYEN

Hong Kong, China


Business English

+852 5555 5555

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Kenneth Richards PhD

Toronto, Canada


Legal English


Sample Ad


Nitish Gupta

Kolkata, India


English for children


Sample Ad


Edward James

London, United Kingdom


General English

44 (0)55 5555 5555


According to reports like one recently written by Ambient Insight at www.ambientinsight.com, global English language training is a 35.9 billion dollar per year industry. $1.3 billion of that is the digital English Language business.  This represents a huge business opportunity for enterprising individuals and small businesses interested in creating a global business. Indeed, in every country in the world today (even the United States, England and Australia where English is the main language) there are billions of people who want to improve their English and who need your assistance to raise their level of English. Mobile technology and e-commerce platforms have created a globally integrated consumer base for small businesses and sole traders/sole proprietors who are savvy enough to discern these business opportunities.
ELG Global is offering English teachers around the world an added opportunity to bring their services to a global audience. Whether you are a career teacher or a professional looking to create  a part time venture, our Teacher Network was formulated with you in mind. Our goal is simple: To provide you with an advertising space at a reasonable rate where you can market your teaching services to global consumers.



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