Making a presentation in English to international audiences

Making a Presentation in English to International Audiences

Globalization has had many effects. One is that people increasingly find themselves having to give presentations to international audiences.  Whether it is an academic at an international conference; a lawyer speaking to colleagues about a topic of international law or a business person giving a talk on international opportunities for investors in his or her country, professionals around the world have started to engage in cross-cultural, transnational, cross-lingual interactions at a dizzying pace.

It is not always an easy task to successfully navigate international fora. First of all, there is the obvious language barrier. But there are also cultural nuances and industry norms that require your finesse. In order to make an extra-ordinary presentation it is a wise idea to plan your speech well in advance and a part of your planning includes researching the local area where you will be speaking to learn as much as you can about their cultural norms. You want to pay attention to things like your vocabulary, tone, pace and pitch when you present as well. But there are a few other important issues that you absolutely must consider – like the language barrier.

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