TOEIC speaking test sample answer for pictures

Transcript 1
What a glorious shot! Of course one cannot be absolutely sure where this was taken but look at the light in the foreground of this shot! Spectacular! One can imagine a scene such as this in the country back roads in a state like Missouri in the United States. It could also be in Colorado, or any other country entirely! The yellow leaves on the trees indicate that it is fall. The presence of the truck suggests either a delivery of some sort, or perhaps this is a farm and the driver is about to complete farm work. But honestly, this is a splendid photograph by any standard. image one credit


Transcript 2

In this photograph, I can see the image of a table that is set for dinner. There is a beautiful though simple bouquet of flowers in the center. The flower arrangement is surrounded by white dinnerware which has been laid on a gorgeous white table cloth. There are a bunch of people in the background and it looks like they could be guests to an event like a wedding but it is not certain that this dinner is to celebrate a wedding; it could be any occasion such as the birth of a baby or the celebration of an anniversary. What is certain is that the table is beautiful and so are the flowers.

image credit



Transcript 3

If a picture speaks a thousand words, this picture isn’t speaking any words at all. Rather, it is really screaming. But what is the problem? Why is this person screaming? We can see a woman or girl with blond hair. Her mouth, which is wide open, reveals that she has large front teeth and at the back of her mouth you can see two large swellings. Are these her tonsils? Her tongue is sticking out, which is why it seems like she is screaming. But maybe she is visiting the dentist. Maybe she is not screaming at all.



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