Will speaking better English make French professionals “happier”?

The assertion that speaking better English would make French people happier appeared in The Local recently. The author makes the argument that in spite of having one of the highest standards of living in Europe and the world, that the French are by and large not very happy. He spoke with local French academic Claudia Senik from the Paris School of Economics and she posited that the problem is the French primary school education. She further argued that: “To be happier the French could do with learning more foreign languages. Of course, Anglophone countries are worse, but that doesn’t matter because everyone speaks English. Being happy is not about speaking the foreign language itself, but about being able to fit more easily into this globalized world, which you can do if you speak English.”

Interesting viewpoint from Madame Senik. This sounds like a good reason for you to sign up for an English course today! There is no question that English is the language of globalization. Is it also the pathway to happiness? That is debatable. But if happiness is measured by how successful one feels, then perhaps there is some veracity to Madame Senik’s argument. Because, proficiency in English does make you more competitive and thus possibly more successful, thus happier. Read the entire article at The Local here.



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